What's the story behind naming Zerodha's "Kite" app

What’s the story behind naming Zerodha’s “Kite” app? @nithin

This was K’s (Kailash) idea, he likes to come up with most of the new product names now. Kite, Coin, Pulse, Console, etc. :slight_smile: Kite because Kite is very light and can also fly high. :wink:

Btw, Zerodha & Tradingqna was my idea. Also, console was previously called Q (Q from James Bond) and that was my idea. As you must have realised by now, I am more dramatic. :wink:


The names are also quite simple to remember and the apps are also quite easy to use. Many times instead of having a fancy name, a simple sounding name works better.

You are very well in naming your application like console, kite but you can’t afford to see a client making profit everyday and that is the reason you removed Desktop trading platform NEST.EXE.

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