What's ultimate loss

In my F&O investments for this months, mainly Options; which are expiring today. (I always do Buy-CE & Sell-PE to keep losses in control.)

Now in the morning, in Kite, it’s showing a loss of say 2.35L, with current values… and in Q-backoffice, Options value shown as 1.06L.

Today is last day… in worst case scenario, if market turns totally negative & all options I’m invested go to zero value; what will be the loss? 2.35L + additions by current values. OR the shown in Q? (I’ve booked profits during the month, so loss will be minimized by that, but I’m curious to know; so in future I can be careful.)


the options you have bought for that maximum loss is the premium that you paid, for the options that you sold it will be the settlement price, dont only think that the direction is the only factor in options, no. direction, time, price all matters. dont trade options, if u r a trader who can invest more than 1lakh, trade futures they are far safer to hedge, that in opposite direction you can buy options,
ex if u are long/bought in futures then u can buy put options to hedge , if u r short/sold in futures you can buy call options.
to make consistent returns on options u do need to be a seasoned trader. its way harder than people think.

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It should be hedged…

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Thanks for reply, brother… Yes, I’m not a seasoned player and also a slow learner… But I grasp & try/want to avoid same mistakes.

Regarding present scenario, it’s already happened & of-course the result will be in front of me by 03:15pm… the market may go either side… I was just curious about worst case scenario… :slight_smile:

yeah, lol, typing error.