What's up with Indian markets and economy? - Last week, August 2023

Hey folks,

While we were looking at ways to improve here, amongst many other things on TradingQnA, if there is one thing in which content on TradingQ&A can drastically improve is our coverage related to all the interesting news and insights related to Indian companies, markets and economy on a daily basis.

We can share all the interesting domestic updates, articles and insights here on this weekly thread. Hoping to see good contribution from the community members as well :slight_smile:

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India’s quarterly FDI data - April to June 2023

Sector-wise data

NTPC launches India’s first Hydrogen Bus

This happened last week

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hi meher,

thanks, can u share the link to get the fdi inflow quaterly fact sheet data and sector wise data…

Hi @leoindra86

Check this out

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thanks @Meher_Smaran