Whats wrong in this order?

Hello friends,
I placed the following order :
The stock was trading on BSE
This is a CNC order
The market price was 70
I put Limit 67
But upon placing the order i got error saying this :
RMS:Rule: Check circuit limit including square off order exceeds for entity account-XXXX across exchange across segment across product.

Please let me know where was the mistake

i think,
you are placing 3 rs less limit order that is more than 10 % away from current price…
that is range or circuit limit for placing order for this particular scrip…
so try placing order within 10 % price range from current price.

:smile: 10% of 70 = 7.

70-7 = 63.

U r not right.

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Let me know the stock name? Maybe u added wrong scrip.

Hi @blazesprings,

The exchange sets a limit everyday based on the previous closing price of that stock, this limit is the upper circuit and lower circuit. You cannot place orders to buy/sell beyond this limit. That is the reason for the rejection. You can check the limits on the NSE site on nseindia.com

similarly for BSE, on bseindia.com



Thanks Lindo, yes it was out of the range. Thanks all for your inputs.

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