What's wrong with INFIBEAM? This F&O stock is down by over 50%

INFIBEAM is an F&O stock and the stock is down 57% as of writing this post. What’s wrong with the stock?

This fall was very expected, everywhere I read people saying one day it will be penny stock

I think it is very operated stock, just see its chart it becomes clear

Also see the game, it went from 150 to 220 just one month ago

Now just imagine how many thousands (minimum) of retailers would have bought it blindly in that rally?

Yeah so many investor confidence shattering things have been happening recently in ISM.

70% - in a single day. However nothing wrong in fundamentals. Sales growth - over 40%, Profit growth - over 90%, Debt to equity is also good - below .2

My few words,

Rest in peace(piece) Infibeam.

On a serious note there might be an insider information,

I am not an investor or fundamental analyst, but I have seen people only trash INFIBEAM for its fundamentals everywhere and no one is surprised with its fall as far as i have seen. Here is one tweet.


Seems a WhatsApp messages floated around traders quoting some equirus securities

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Infibeam doesn’t has any circuit limit?

No circuit limit, It’s a fno stock.

Moneycontrol has a possible explanation!

On the technical charts, Infibeam is trading below its short-term moving averages such as 5-days exponential moving averages (EMA), 13-EMA, 20-EMA, and 100-EMA. But, on Friday, it breached the crucial 200-DMA placed at Rs 167 which suggests that the trend might have turned bearish for the stock.
Supertrend indicator as well as trend-following momentum indicator, Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), has given a sell signal on charts.


Really f&o stocks don’t ha e circuit limit? :scream: It’s so horrifying

If you are short on those stocks specially on infibeam today … You would be happy !!! :slight_smile:

That’s a mirage…first u never know which is the bottom…take yes bank i went short at 190 but i.bought back at 188…thinking 188 is too much for the stock…but it tested even 169…but minutes later it bounced back…

Not really that easy to short

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But the NSE tells a diffrent story. The biggest stock of F&O Reliance Industries has circuit limit.

I think That is temporary stage 1 circuit. Once stock reaches this it stops for 5 or 10 minutes and again start from there. Not sure

By default at start of day they apply 10% circuit limit, that figure gets updated as the stock crosses those limits

Then whats the use of that so called circuit limit:joy:

So that in morning someone cannot put limit price more than 10%

Otherwise morning some one can execute one trade and bring price from 100 to 0 in one single trade so there should be intermediate limits