Whats Wrong with Kushal

Kushal is hitting lower circuit every day but I’m not able to get its information what went wrong in this company. How to get off from this stock while circuits?

Seems a fraud like Vakrangee

Any stock which goes from 1 to 200 price within couple of years, is most likely a fraud

So once it starts falling, all those with profits should run away. And new entrants should never waste time in such stock else they get trapped.

Did you try to sell in PRE OPEN session?

Looks like you are the chosen one, congratulations.

First thing to check before buying any stocks for Individual Investing.

Are Mutual Funds Interested in this Company?

If MF’s have not invested in them, there is a reason for it.

This is a reason which Individual Investors haven’t figured out, but what the Institutions know.

Thanks for this insight. :slight_smile:

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But I am surprised how 65% unpledged promoter holding, that too in name of real promoters, not in name of some shell companies, like VAKRANGEE has LOL

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Haven’t looked into it.

On the First step, Once I find there is no MF holdings, I don’t dig further.