Whats wrong with Shilpi cables

Why the valuation of Shilpi cable falling even if this stock have good valuation and there is no much news except postpone of board meeting two times and case by foreign bank, which seems to be a common issue. And the company has lost more than 60% valuation in 5 days and still it is falling drastically.

Also please suggest future of this stock with reason as i am in favour of holding this stock

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Dont keep sell every thing its a bad stock

It was announced that the company secretary and compliance officers of Shilpi Cable had resigned. Later, the company announced the resignation of its chief financial officer and independent director. However, brokers say that timing on the negative and positive news in the counter was questionable as optimistic traders who bought over 11 lakh shares worth Rs 7.7 crore on the back of bonus announcement were badly trapped as the bad news of slew of resignation of …

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i am waiting for some more days increasing daily with 5%

My suggestion will be to start selling in good quantities as the management is very poor to invest, stock can drop again drastically as management is not reliable, I would suggest u to invest in The Byke hospitality instead, this is only my suggestion, do ur analysis.
Thank u

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