What's your view on recent behaviour of RCOM?

Hi fellow investors, In the past few days RCOM has been on a downward slide and on Friday it took a ride up the hill - though not that far. Would be nice if you can provide some valuable insights on RCOM equity trading:

  1. Why RCOM went on a downward slide?
  2. Do you expect the company to take an uphill ride next week? if yes, why? If no, why?


Downward slide For few days???
Bro… Pls look at this chart of last 3 yrs (taken from screener)… Continuously falling… Lower highs and lower lows…
Debt out of proportion… Total loss
I mean there r better stocks to invest or that matter trade… Don’t burn ur hard earned money on this time bomb… Rest is ur choice… All d best

Why you call it time bomb :bomb:? Does this mean that rcom will shut down and all investment will lost their money? Is it not common for trades to go up and down?

Rcom is continously going down for many reasons.
Whether it will go down or go up cannot be predicted correctly.
Currently people want to pay for data not for the call.
it has huge debt.
it has not able to pay the dividend or profit to the investor.

My view:—
it will not move up,it will be merged with other company.
it will not be shut down.

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Looking at the telecom industry, huge consolidation is happening. Aircel+Telenor, Voda+Idea, Airtel+TataTele. Also telecom is the next NPA shock fr the banks clearly outlined by outgng SBI boss.

RCOM has Wireless services business & Wireless tower business with a total debt of 4000Crs+. RCom looked for buying Aircel to increase customer base. After 1yr of negotiation, tht plan fell apart recently. RCom looked for selling tower business to Brookefield management. Tht plan also fell apart recently.
Now if next merger/acquisition has to happen, ppl wud lookout fr Aircel as it has gud customer base & RCom comes last.

From stock market point of view, RCom chart might follow TataTele chart.

P.S: I donot hold any RCom shares.

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RCOM has reached such a level from its high to a very low level that, charts are saying that , some thing is going, happening to it , it “MAY” change its direction.

It Looks Like there is Going to be A trend Reversal in the Stock.
Chart Showing Uptrend move in upcoming trading Sessions.
Delivery % 19.03
Mutual funds Holdings total of 3,633.14 cr Majority of Holdings by HDFC, Reliance, L&T, Invesco India Arbitrage & UTI.
I am saying this on the basis of Moving averages and The data.


Bit of hyper but what he says is remarkable…

Can be useful… :slight_smile:

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So, that means one can wait till the price goes up again? Just being curious…

In which direction? :smile: What would wise investors do in stocks like Rcom right now?

Jio+Rcom =? Since they are already into sharing of spectrum in some circles.

My opinion was not a recommendation, it was chart observation, next day it did go up by 7%( due to shyam tele Rcom merger) it is anybody"s guess , wise investor never invest in “Penny stocks” Chart indicators changes in advance but price takes some time to change and also my observations are only on short terms, as market is dynamic

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Do you think the scrip rates will change tomorrow based on RCOM’s latest news…

My views are only analysis, NOT RECOMMENDATION . Chart indicators are indicating trend reversal , but Chart indicators turns in advance,but price action happens later, Important thing is price action, By going through the news , it seems that Rcom is going to cut its size , its book value is 114, even if only 25% of book value is considered , stock price wil be 28, i may be wrong in that because i am not a Fundamental analyst. Its better to avoid this stock.

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Thanks. I hold some… So, I can’t avoid anymore… :smile: If your analysis is correct about the price going to 28 is correct… It will be great news for me :smile:

Looks like the ‘experts’ are wrong… The last 5 days RCom share prices.rcom share - Google Search

Whole Telecom sector is in doldrums. Wait for few quarters to get clarity. Major consolidation is on cards, Eventually there would be 3-4 players.

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