Whch is better, NSE or BSE?

I would like to know, what are the main differences between NSE and BSE with respect to the investors.
Which exchange is better for Intraday
Which exchange shows more volatility
In other words, for what types of trades/investments NSE is better than BSE or vice versa

If you are trading a stock which is listed on both NSE and BSE, it doesn’t really matter where you buy it. NSE tends to have higher liquidity, so it might be better to buy on NSE. There are many stocks (penny stocks especially) which trade only on BSE.

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NSE is anytime better than BSE, actually it really does not matter for individual scrip, but for Index trading NSE is better, because of huge volume and high liquidity.

for cash both are at the same level , but for index trading nse is better than bse , but do remember there is one expiy in nse but you can get 4 expiries in bse

"Volume & Volatility"

In intraday both volume and volatility are vital aspects for a safe and profitable trading. NSE scores more than BSE from that view point.

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So, higher liquidity means…more volatile prices…so good for intraday trading?

Higher liquidity actually means lesser volatility, but as I was saying if a stock trades on both NSE and BSE, the price movement will actually mirror each other.