Whch sectors& stocks will take a hit if current govt losses next yr election

Bjp lost lot of state elections. opposition getting stronger. If BJP losses to all other parties in next year general elections. which actors n companies vl tk a hit

Kangana Ranaut and Arnab Goswami :rofl::rofl::rofl:


sectors lolzz

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Well for starters , it will be the Adani group of companies.

Just wanted to see the lighter side of it knowing you would take it in the right spirit. :love_you_gesture:

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I think none would take a hit, except for Adani if JPC is set up and something is found malicious. if nothing fraud is found, it would be short term volatility. Although I do believe that markets will not such momentum as in BJP time. I think Congress is such a type of party that wants to present itself as doing everything for poor of the country. They do not promote business and funding as such.
In one of the interviews of Rahul gandhi with Raghuram Rajan Sir, they were talking about how higher prices of food & vegetables would benefit farmers and that this govt is stopping it by keeping inflation low. But it would only benefit middle men who hoard stocks to sell at higher price.
So for the first 5 years of the cong. govt, companies would benefit from existing favourable laws and fundings and nothing down-moral would be seen. But if for the next term also, then some industries such as manufacturing & infrastructure which is getting PLI shemes and newer industries such as fintech would suffer due to poor rules and timely intervention of govt to give them tailwinds.
Just my thoughts, do correct me if wrong :upside_down_face: