When a stock listed on US stock exchange

How share price or market cap is decided if a stock is listed on NSE and NYSE.

For example, INFOSYS listed on NYSE.

When NSE market open do traders have to keep in mind what happen with stock price at NYSE ?

There are different stages in an IPO. Generally speaking, the underwriting banks give the valuation for the company. They buy the shares and when listed, the underwriting banks become the sellers.

In case of INFOSYS, you would be looking at a dual listed stock. i.e it trades on NSE in INR and on NYSE with USD. It would certainly help to keep an eye on how the stock performed in the US markets. Generally, any late news that happens after indian markets close, will see the first reaction on the NYSE, and the next day on NSE.

And vice versa… any big news that impacts stocks during the NSE trading hours, will in turn impact investor sentiment on NYSE.

Nithin explained about it in a old thread -

Also, to explain with an example, due to the whistleblower complaint in 2019, the ADRs fell first (as the Indian market was closed). The next day when the Indian markets opened, then they also fell by approximately similar amount -

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