When Can I Withdraw Funds After Selling Shares I Hold in Demat

I sold shares from my demat account yesterday and I can see the funds reflect in my account today as account balance. I was under the assumption that, since the settlement is T+2, I would be allowed to withdraw funds only tomorrow. If I submit a withdrawal request today before 7.30, would I be charged interest since I’m withdrawing funds which is actually due to me only after T+2 settlement tomorrow?

I don’t think you’ll be charged any interest for it. The shares have been debited from your account and the money has been debited from the buyer. So it is either with the exchange or brokers. That’s my personal opinion. Make sure you confirm it before withdrawing funds.

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When you sell shares, the equivalent funds are immediately credited to your account balance. You can use these funds to trade or buy other shares. But these funds will not reflect under withdrawable balance. It will be updated in your withdrawable balance onlt at the end of T+2 day when the buyer of your shares settles the amount and can be withdrawn only from T+3 day onwards.


Thanks for the explanation!

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When can I withdraw funds after selling shares?

Funds received from sale proceeds from shares from your holdings can be withdrawn after T+2 days, can refer to this post for more.