When does Security ban lifts up?

I had a bearish spread on Adani port. I was in decent profit and tired to exit it but my one leg got executed and other (shorted put) did not. Spread was so wide (7-8 rs).

How should I have played it? Is it just luck ?
Is there any set timeline for this ban to be removed? I am not able to buy a put, i just have a naked short put lying there

The stock comes out of ban only if its aggregated open interest comes down to 80% or below of MWPL.


Is there any way to check current OI ?

Does it mean OI at each and every put/call ?

If that so, why cant we trade in next month contracts, I doubt they will have such high OI

You can check MWPL in Margin Calculator here.

MWPL stands for Market Wide Position Limit, this is applicable for all F&O contracts on that particular scrip.