When does the AFL code via PiBridge get executed?

My buy signal (ie Buy==True) keeps happening as the 15-min bar is forming.
My question is how can I code such that the PlaceOrder takes place only at the end of the 150min bar if a buy signal is generated.

your query is not clear
If you want alerts only at 150 minute close price either you can change candle time frame to 150m or you can give two condition on two bars after in hours candle.

I want the PIBridge to be invoked only at the end of the 15 minute interval if the Buy is True at the end of the interval.
At present I believe it will invoke when Buy is true when the 15 minute bar is still happening.
I read in this post Amibroker bridge
in tradingqna that this need complex Amibroker programming, but the PIBridge has been modified to take care of this.
The Google drive URL does not open up that dll. So since I am new to Amibroker, I need to know if this has been addressed to start using PiBridge.
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