When does the trade gets exit automatically,if it is in loss?

Suppose I bought one lot SILVER. Margin blocked for it is 30 thousand.

If I have only 30 thousand in my trading account

The SILVER going down and I don't have a stop loss order. When does it exit automatically? Will it wait till the trade reach 30 thousand loss or is there any specific percentage that it gets exit automatically?

If I have 1 lakh in my trading account 

Here only 30 thousand is blocked for SILVER, and the remaining 70 thousand is free cash. In this case, at what percentage the trade gets exit automatically? or Does it wait till there is a loss of 1 lakh?

If you have taken MIS intraday position it will cut from 50% of your capital onwards

if it is the NRML position it will cut from 70% onwards at any time

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