When does Zerodha launch option to trade on the U.S stock market?

I heard Zerodha is in the process of adding the option to trade on the U.S stock exchanges.

    • So what is the exact date of the launch?
    • What will be the charges?
    • Is it allowed to use other Indian/U.S bank accounts to withdraw/add the funds?
    • Will the dividends just be in the Zerodha account (for reinvestment) instead of depositing into the bank account? Since currency conversion charges will apply.
    • What will be the currency conversion charges?

I like to use Zerodha over Vested.co.in but it depends upon how long it takes.


hai @siva please comment on above queiry

Cannot comment on the timelines but we are close :slight_smile: Charges etc will be disclosed when we are close to the launch.

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This will be awesome. I am sick and tired of chasing IB over and over again only to ve told each time I can’t contact their customer support after 5.30 pm right when the US market opens :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be Yuuuge if you allow OPTIONS trading on US Market too…:joy:

Yes i do need this feature