When exactly does conditional order for MF in Coin execute?

All these questions are w.r.t. Zerodha Coin:

  1. Say I have a conditional order to trigger at NAV 10. Now, a MyFavouriteEquityMF1 was at NAV 10.1 and when the NAV announced say today EOD is 9.9. At what day and time my coin order will trigger? And, what exact price the actual order is processed? At the conditional order price? Or, at the market NAV (which can be higher or lower than trigger price) ?

  2. Now, suppose I have a ETF. If I place a buy orders at various times through the day and since the ETF NAVs are calculated and updated every 15s, will my ETF order gets placed immediately at the latest NAV that is 15s ago?

  3. Say I have multiple ETF conditional orders for one ETF. If NAV falls and reaches some of these trigger prices, will the ETF order gets executed instantly? Or, the cut off time like equity MF is applicable ?

Taking the above example: You have placed Conditional order at 10 and today’s NAV is 9.9, your order will be triggered and placed.

Given you have sufficient funds, this will be executed at next days NAV, this can be lower or higher than the conditional price. You can check out more details here.

ETFs are traded on the exchange. To invest, you’ll have to place order on Kite, not Coin.

The price at which the order executes will depend on the type of order you place. A market order will execute t best available price in the market. While a limit order will execute at the price specified by you.

Since the ETF can trade at price different than iNAV, best to confirm currently iNAV on the AMC website and place limit order.

Thanks for all the useful answers. Really appreciate.
Now, what exactly is done if the AMC inav is different than the kite nav?
For example, If we are buying, say AMC inav is 10.1 and kite nav is 10.4, do you mean to say we place limit order at 10.1 or lower ?

Yes, you can place the order at 10.1, the order will be executed if the price of ETF trades at this price, just like trading in stocks. Until then it’ll remain pending.