When SGB Series 4 get listed in NSE/BSE?

On which date does it get listed?

It usually take 10-15 days from date of issuance for SGB’s to list on Exchanges. June issue was alloted on 16th and listed on 24th, going by that July SGB listing should happen in coming days.

Waiting patiently

Still not listed?

Not yet.

SGB to list today

SBG SERIES IV got listed today in kite

Yeah. I can see it.

But there are some discrepancy in order. But you can opt for manual order.

It will be automatically updated in few days.

picked up few units at 5050… 3.84% discount from market!!

6kgs of gold already traded since morning!!

Where to get listing date details for every SGB tranche?

you can check notifications on bse site… go for listing notification… you will see one each for all 41 tranches… But why do you need this information?

I am new to SGB, how can i trace date of issue of sgbs or the latest one based on their name.
Why are different sgbs moving in different directions like some sgbs show increase n some decrease. Can i find whole sgb data like some option chain data in any website.
Please help

You can find dates of further coming SGB issues here.

You can get list of all SGB’s traded on Exchange here.

Can u please clarify this. Also please answer the basis for liquidity of sgb as i noticed that some sgbs are illiquid and volume of others is more

like you found out it all depends on liquidity… some issues are so illiquid that they will get only one trade done in the entire day and that LTP sticks with them for few days… Some are so liquid, like today’s issue of SGBJUL28IV which we saw traded more than 8kgs in a single day (>90% delivered). Even though it was so liquid, the avg price was 5074 with the current market rate of gold being 5246.5; a fat 3.31% discount… So it is about liquidity and it is very much about what buyers and sellers want to do…

Different SGBs has different interest rate (based on the listing price). Also, the maturity period is different.