When/where can we see new mis leverage

I have added 34800 ce and pe mis sell to a basket. It is still showing 59k which is the old leverage. I would like to get an idea of new leverage and how it is affected by buying otm options.

You can use https://zerodha.com/margin-calculator/SPAN/ this. You will get NRML margin here. You can just simply apply 50% on (SPAN + Exposure) and then add Premium Received to get MIS margin effective from March 1.

I don’t trade in derivatives… I trade in cash segment in little quantities… If there’s requirements of additional margin instead of adding cash I sometimes short my Holdings and buy them back at lower price in MIS segment to get additional margin… Kindly explain what will be the effect now in such scenarios with example… As today also I witnessed old margins in effect and nothing new… I’m a bit confused…

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You can go through this post which explains everything in detail: