When will available kite 3 mobile beta?


As I read on instagram. Zerodha plan to launch kite 3 mobile app see post

Any idea whe will kite 3 mobile bete app available?

Kite 3.0 Mobile

In the next couple of weeks. :slight_smile:


When is the Kite 3.0 Mobile app being launched.
The matter was announced on 11th Dec 2018 on Twitter.
When will be the launch? Will it be a Beta Launch or a Full fledged final launch.


In next two weeks we should be able to release beta version.


Dear @siva Any update about Kite 3 Mobile Beta?


We will make an beta announcement soon. Can’t comment on specific timelines. :slightly_smiling_face:



One and half month passed any still not lauched beta version. What is you expected date to launch?
Because Kite mobile version many feature missing like upper circuit, lower circuit, Avg trade price, option data, OI etc. If still delay new version launch then add necessary feature in existing app.



Hi @siva @nithin
The Kite Mobile 3.0 version is proposed to be launch during the month of February 2019.
Please ensure that the product launch is made during the proposed time period.
We cannot listen to the fact from @siva that the matter is postponed for one more week.



kite 3 available now