When will Gail India issue bonus shares in 2019?

Gail has announced bonus shares in July 2019. May I know when will investors get bonus shares in their DMAT account?

it usually takes 1 month to reflect bouns share in DMAT or it can happen in just 15 or 21days from your recording date.

@Kunal_R 10 July was record date and normal process is about 6-10 WORKING DAYS days after record date for bonus share to be credited with listing approval. Infosys and Tcs bonus shares get credited with listing approval on third working day ( second day allotment third day listing )after record date which is minimum possible time .

@Kunal_R @Heikinashi Bonus shares are approved for trading and listing from today 24 July . record date was 10 July and today it is 10th WORKING DAY after record date .