When will mutual fund value will be Change?


Can any one explain

  1. When will mutual fund value will be Change?
  2. What is business time?


It is updated after market hours, once a day.

Okay. What is market hours?

In india, market opens at: 09:15 and closes at: 15:30 ( except Sat,sunday other national holidays notified by the stock exchange)

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The NAV for all mutual funds will be calculated and update after market hours by around 9 or 10 pm on the respective AMC’s website. The same then reflects on AMFI and on our platform next day in the morning.

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Suppose if I buy MF at 9:30 and NAV showed at time of purchase is Rs 100/-. On that day market went up by very good margin, will the buy NAV is affected(incresed due to current day change i,e more than 100/-)?

It is possible…it depends on what sorta fund it is & what kind of shares the fund has invested in.

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The NAV is computed by the AMC fund house at the end of every trading day. And since you’ve placed the order before 1.30pm, your units will be bought at the eod NAV price. If the NAV computed eod is greater than 100, then it will be bought at that price itself.

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