When will T+1 settlement start?

Few days back, i read in a thread that there will be T+1 settlement of trades. Anyone having idea when it will start?

What is the current settlement cycle? - Check this

T+2, soon T+1 will be launched

T+1 settelment starts on FEB 25 , 2022


Now also, the holdings are settled with T+2 only.
Can someone please tell, when will the T+1 settlement starts?

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The T+1 settlement is currently live only for the bottom 100 stocks by market cap, this list will be extended in a phased manner. You can check out more details here:


Thanks for the information

Earlier Pre 2019, when I do intraday trade, the profits used to realised instantly and I was able to trade with the added profit on the very same day. What is that called ? OK T+2 and T+1 are for delivery but why this option of instant settlement for intraday stopped ? Instead of being progressive why regressive?

As per SEBIs upfront margin requirements, intraday profits can only be used for trading once settled. The settlement takes T+2 days in equity segment and T+1 day in the F&O segment. You can check out more details here: Changes in margin requirements from 1st Sep, 2020

Many shares particular low equity based shares are being shifted to T PLUS 1 … Recent listing Likhitha infra is being shifted from 25 November 2022 to T plus 1 …
in T PLUS 1 ex date and record date are same day hence those investors who deal with brokers who do not have DP and where physical DIS need to be submitted by client ,on sale of shares must be very careful .