When will T+1 settlement start?

Few days back, i read in a thread that there will be T+1 settlement of trades. Anyone having idea when it will start?

What is the current settlement cycle? - Check this

T+2, soon T+1 will be launched

T+1 settelment starts on FEB 25 , 2022


Now also, the holdings are settled with T+2 only.
Can someone please tell, when will the T+1 settlement starts?

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The T+1 settlement is currently live only for the bottom 100 stocks by market cap, this list will be extended in a phased manner. You can check out more details here:


Thanks for the information

Earlier Pre 2019, when I do intraday trade, the profits used to realised instantly and I was able to trade with the added profit on the very same day. What is that called ? OK T+2 and T+1 are for delivery but why this option of instant settlement for intraday stopped ? Instead of being progressive why regressive?

As per SEBIs upfront margin requirements, intraday profits can only be used for trading once settled. The settlement takes T+2 days in equity segment and T+1 day in the F&O segment. You can check out more details here: Changes in margin requirements from 1st Sep, 2020