Where can I begin interacting with traders?


Hello Sachin, there are varied of domestic and worlwide forums here are some

  1. traderji.com
  2. bse2nse.com
  3. http://worldwide-invest.org
  4. http://www.traderslaboratory.com/
  5. inditraders.com

list goes on others are welcome to add on to list

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I guess tradingqna.com is a good start!


You can also chat on money.rediff.com and share your thoughts there

Zerodha blog and tradingQNA is going to rock :slight_smile:

Some of the best forums to interact with traders.

1 - Bigmiketrading.com - The best forum and many successful traders are present there.

2 - Traderslaboratory - Lost its earlier charm, still very good and lot of innovative and quality stuff.

3- elitetrader.com - Quality stuff and traders are there but submerged in chaos and leg pulling.

Coming to the Indian forums, Traderji.com and inditraers.com. traderji is just like elitetrader, inditraders is Indian bigmiketrading.


Interaction with other traders based on strategies will be more constructive learning.

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