Where can I download Financial statements of Zerodha Broking limited?

I want to download Annual Report and Financial Statements of Zerodha Broking limited.

I couldn’t find Investor Relations page on Zerodha website.

You can access a company’s financial statements from the portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs . Create an account and pay the inspection fees, you can view any public document (including financial statements) of companies and LLPs (provided the entities had filed the documents as per the governing provisions).

Zerodha Broking limited is public limited company.
Public limited companies have to share financial details. right ?
Or this rule just apply for listed companies ?

Yeah, as far as I know, only listed companies are mandated to place their financial statements on their websites.


  1. Fourth proviso to sub-section (1) of Section 136 - Companies Act, 2013
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