Where can I find a list of securities trading in the T2T?

Can somebody tell me where can I find a list of securities which trade under the trade to trade segment.

Intraday trades are not allowed in securities in T2T segments. Stocks purchases in the T2T segments can only be bought and sold in delivery. If you are curious about how securities have moved to this category take a look at this answer.

You can find the list of securities in the T2T segment [here] (https://www.nseindia.com/products/content/equities/equities/equities.htm) under Current Market Reports>Securities in Rolling (EQ) and Trade for Trade (BE,BT) section.

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Check this - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-T6RlEE8Gn2fioep_Cmdx9ECRX_WpQbfJJfsU8PdOV8/edit#gid=0

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