Where can i find detailed SEBI filings by all companies?

i would like to go through the detailed reports like 10-k, 10-q etc that companies have to file with the SEBI from time to time.

for instance,when one needs to obtain such info for the US stock market, it can be had from the EDGAR database(or its successor, the IDEA). Is there such a database for indian markets?

If you are looking for Pvt Ltd companies, you can check out the MCA website, I guess you will have to pay around Rs 50 for every balance sheet that you want. 

If you are looking for listed companies, they are available on sites like Moneycontrol and also on the company website itself. 

If you are trying to figure out the insider trades, it can be found on the exchanges. We have built an intelligent tool around it called ZITIR. 

thnks a lot nithin. i was looking for data of listed companies(all of BSE & NSE). of course it’ll be great if i cud find that of pvt ltd companies too…so mca website is sure to be of help
i know abt moneycontrol, yahoo finance etc…but was kind of looking for a more “official” source, maybe a (paid)service by SEBI