Where can I find free data source for scrip-wise price?


I want to experiment with some patterns, is there a free source for scrip-wise chart data? (LTP or Candlesticks)

This data is available for free from tradingview, google finance etc. but they don’t provide an API or machine-readable data…

I see that Zerodha provides an API called Kite Connect but it is not free and I am just doing this as a hobby project, so I am reluctant to pay.

Does anyone know a good source? Even historical data is fine, but real-time or near real-time data is great.

You could check these API providers -

These provide free access to data for a daily timeframe (not real-time) but have some limitations in terms of the number of requests allowed per day and historical data availability for limited period.

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Thanks for mentioning the providers, I tried Fmp Cloud first but I couldn’t get any stock data (real time quote and historic) for Indian stocks, all symbols just return empty array. It also looks like they are owned by Chinese company, because I saw some chinese text in their dashboard.

Alpha Vantage is working, but it is only supplying daily series data (OHLC) for BSE stocks, their intraday API only works for foreign stocks, I get this when I attempt to use BSE stock symbol:

Invalid API call. Please retry or visit the documentation (https://www.alphavantage.co/documentation/) for TIME_SERIES_INTRADAY.

Are there any other sources which can offer free intraday data for Indian symbols? Historical data is also okay.

For Fmp Cloud, you could refer to this thread. I had shared the endpoints that I had used for getting the daily historical data for NSE stocks. Timeframes smaller than the day (like 15 minutes, 1 hours, etc) aren’t supported for NSE stocks. From the information that I could find, FMP is a company based out of France.

Yes, Alpha Vantage also has a similar limitation of only supporting daily timeframe historical data.

I have also come across another provider called IEX Cloud for NSE/BSE stocks but that also provides EOD historical data. They have an endpoint for intraday data but that doesn’t work for Indian stocks. For IEX Cloud, these endpoints would be helpful to get started -

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I do have a lot of data in excel. I can give you if you want

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@Prayag Thanks, I will try your suggested request.

@Natural Thanks for the offer, kindly upload it somewhere and post the link, it might be helpful.

@Cosper here

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Thanks, but the file is not accessible, you should change the share settings.

@Cosper try this one here do let me know if you need more


Thank you very much.

Can you provide this years data as well, also where should i find such data on the internet?


let me know if u need more, I have a lot but they are not organized.