Where can I find list of stocks that will get delisted on NSE?

Recently MINDTREE and ACRYSIL got delisted on NSE exchange. Is there any single page or method using which I can find out which stocks will get delisted in the future?

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Hy @KD61

Hope this link helps you out.

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@KarthikAcharya Thanks. Today SHRIRAMCIT got delisted. But I cannot find its name in the Excel files given on the link you mentioned. Do you know, where I can find SHRIRAMCIT delisting?

Edit: I am talking about these two files

Download List of Companies Proposed to be Delisted (.xlsx)

Download List of Companies Delisted from NSE (.xlsx)

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Also, can someone tell me. Since I was unaware SHRIRAMCIT will be delisted today.

What would have happened, If I purchased SHRIRAMCIT yesterday? Where would my money go? Was SHRIRAMCIT in “-BE”/trade for trade category or normal?

please note that DELISTING is different from merger or demerger …SHRIRAM CITY last traded on 28 November 2022…in next 10-15 days for every 100 shares you hold , the same will be exchanged with 155 shares of Shriram transport due to MERGER.
IF you want to know about cases where delisting ATTEMPT has been announced …DFM foods , Rsystem and Phaarmasia.

Thank you. @aniln Basically, I want to know, in all cases, when a “tradingsymbol” is removed from trading. It can be merger, demerger, delisting, anything. What links should I check to find out upcoming tradingsymbols that will be removed?

i normally look at the corporate action page of BSE …somehow i find NSE website not easy to access and full of confusion .

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