Where can i get daily EOD portfolio value of my holdings in kite

i want to note this value daily to track my portfolio volatility. I am looking to either note it down daily in evening or preferably get historical data of porfolio value from console.

any solutions to this?

also on a day where i buy/sell some stocks, what value do i note as the portfolio value? because as i understand some of it will be part of the positions and not holdings.

You can check the value of your portfolio on a specific date on Console holdings.

thanks… looks like its giving a stable output now. last week when i checked the same page, the “present value” kept changing on every page load or “–>” button click even if i kept the date same.

by the way here i need to collect the data daily at eod. is there any place where i can get historical data? if not can you guys add such a feature?