Where can I get Open High Low of Futures

Hello Guys
I found out the NIfty stocks open high low close on nseindia in csv format downloadable, can some1 help me
I want to get all F&O stocks Open high low close at different time period of the day in excel…

Where can i get that? Please? Thanks

Why u want the data at different time periods of the day?

Its not possible. You can only get OHLC data on market opening. Thereafter it will keep changing & taking different time periods wont get u anywhere.

U have candle sticks charts for OHLC throughout the day for different time frames.

Even at market opening, where can I get the data? Like how NSeIndia provides nifty 50 csv file at any point of time with all the details OHLC

OHLC is not a good strategy. It doesn’t works most of the time or will take you for a good ride & you may end up in stop loss before you could make profits.

Extrapolating from this answer by Nithin, the exchanges only provide daily OHLC and not for lower time frames. Brokers essentially display the OHLC by collating the ticks, which most often doesn’t give you the correct OHLC for lower time frames.

Do you require this data for any specific strategy?

I wanted to try this for Intraday trading based on open=low and open=high. As of now I wanted to just monitor with virtual cash for few days. Hence wanted this.