Where can I learn to Trade in Futures and Options? I have absolutely no clue how it works? Are there any tutorials that teach this?

The NSE certification modules are a good way to start. Check this link for Basic module - Derivatives and Dealers Module - Derivatives. 


check some videos on youtube under channel bse2nse.

some of these videos will give some basic understanding to start with.



Check out this link. Good material but a bit old. Easy to understand.

F&O is a very risky and complicated market. A wrong trade, especially of you are short, can wipe out your entire margin, so it is better that you start by investing in Equity, gain some experience with the working of the markets and then try your hand at F&O.

On the other hand, people who have an expertise in derivatives trading, can make tremendous profits. I suggest you to invest in a fund which invests in F&O. I have taken a similar approach. Check out www.bluelightassociates.com. BlueLight Associates is a fund which invests in derivatives on NSE and has a growth of almost 70% in the last Financial Year.

Thanks Nithin

Actually, there are many options available where you can go for learning future & options. Here are some of them -

  1. Learn via Books - I feel books are best way to just get started. It helps you in learning the basic concepts in a very apt mannar. Here are some books that you can opt for reading -


  1. Learn via App - I love learning through. Easy, customised and learn anywhere and everywhere. When it comes to learning option trading strategies, apps are no replacement.

  2. Learn through courses - If I woud be answering this question in 2015, then my suggestions would have entirly different for courses. But fast forward to 2020, in crises of coronavirus and people maintaining social distancing. One thing is best is online learning on various portals available.

So, go for some of the best online courses by stock market experts. You can find some of them at Elearnmarkets, Udemy, Coursera etc.

You can check YouTube. I am sure there will be channels focusing on this topic.