Where can I lookup the NUMBER of free float shares accurate to the last share?

EDIT: This question is NOT about Free Float Market Cap. It is about Number of Free Float Shares.
Also, I do not want an approximate quantity obtained by dviding FF Mcap / Share Price.

Where can I lookup the number of free float shares of a company?

Who would be the authoritative source for this data? The exchanges? SEBI? ROC?
Where do they publish it (link)?

PS: I don’t wish to derive this number by dividing market cap by closing price as this would yield an approximate number.


Free float is listed on the NSE Website when you look at individual tock listing.

Quick way to search for any Free Float is to Google “Company Name NSE” → Open the NSE website with the Company Listing as seen below.

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That is free float market cap. Not free float number of shares.

This is free float market cap. Not free float number of shares.

How do you think Free Float market cap is calculated?

As mentioned in the question, I am not interested in an approximate answer which I already know can be calculated by dividing FF Mcap by Share Price. I need an accurate number down to the last share from an authoritative source - like Share Holding Pattern declaration. I have looked at that too and none of the numbers mentioned there compute to the Mcap value mentioned on NSE and other places.

By multiplying Number of FF Shares * Share Price? But that’s not the question. I am not interested in FF Mcap. Interested in free float number of shares as a primary metric accurate to the last share not a derived metric.

Are you looking for this?

Kind of but it does not specify FF Quantity directly nor can you compute it from given data. If you compute market cap by considering shares in Public category you get a different figure for FF Mcap than what is available on NSE or other sites.

To get an estimate I can divide FF Mcap by Mcap and get approximate percentage. For yes bank it is 50.99999 or 51%
Now if you add up different combinations from that Share holding pattern, no combination gives you anything close to 51%.

The conclusion from that is - either the figures mentioned there are not up to date or some different formula is used to arrive a FF Quntity and there by FF Mcap.

Can you show me the steps for FF Mcap calculation to arrive at the figure mentioned on various sites.
I have read hypothetical examples of calculation, but they don’t work when you apply the method on a real stock.


Hey @priyankp , did you find any accurate source for getting free float down to the last share? :slight_smile: I desperately require it to calculatethe nifty index as well!

@priyankp lthough the NSE website does not provide an exact figure, the “Download CSV” link on the new NSE website’s (https://www.nseindia.com/market-data/pre-open-market-cm-and-emerge-market) pre-market does seem to provide an EXACT value for free-float market cap. For this, the exact outstanding shares can be calculated as well :slight_smile:

I think this is the best solution so far, let me know if you find any more reliable value or soure! :slight_smile:

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Quarterly shareholding disclosures on BSE. Can you tell why you need this exact data

When you use those numbers you don’t get the FF market cap value that is listed on various sites.

No I did not. Your suggestion about pre-market data is by far the best so far.
Exchanges ought to be more transparent about these calculations and the source data.

Where can I get the EXACT number of free-float shares and not approximate?

There is another post similar to this and the user has found out the source to get the data