Where can I see official Exchange transaction charges?

Where can I see official Exchange transaction charges ? @siva , @nithin

Full service Broker I know used to charge Exchange transaction charge double the amount of STT … 0.05 on sell side and buy side… But for past few weeks their Exchange transaction charge is similar to STT…

Old : , you can see exchange charge is double the STT.
Screenshot 2020-11-21 at 12.08.05 AM

Screenshot 2020-11-21 at 12.10.13 AM

in above screenshot …both ETC and STT is same… i.e 0.05 on sell side…

Is there any change in Exchange transaction charge in past 2 months ? why is it not reflecting in zerodha.

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I am also interested in knowing this. I noticed that every broker’s website (like Zerodha, Edelweiss, etc) keeps a list of the various statutory charges but none of them reference the official source.

Tried searching for them but couldn’t find them on the exchange’s website.

Did come across a few months old tweet by a person asking for the same but NSE didn’t reply back

But also came across a 5 years old tweet by NSE themselves which mentions that it should available on the website. Likely due to the transition from the old to the new website, thoses circular containing the charges might no longer be publically accessible

There isn’t’ any change in exchange transaction charges in the past 2 months. These are the right charges:


If any of the math doesn’t add up, do raise a ticket. Maybe share the ticket number with @siva and we can check.

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But how do another full server broker is charging less than zerodha ?

Can you message the details. Who is charging lesser and by how much?

The exchange charge is double the STT if it is options trades.

The exchange charge is a fraction of STT if it is futures trades ( STT = 1000/crore on sell side. Exchange transaction is 190/crore on both buying/selling side).

So exchange charge as a % of STT could vary based on how much futures or options you have traded.

Its ICICIdirect , I never trade futures , I am talking about options only… I was checking past 1 month contract notes and last year contract notes… they are charging less recently.

I have mailed you their contract notes , please check if you got some time ,thanks.

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@nithin : Hi Nithin , any idea how they can reduce the tax ?

It isn’t a tax, it is an exchange charge. This could potentially be a bug in their systems as well. You can escalate it to their team.

Yea , so no way to find the official exchange transaction charge via NSE ? And how do we be sure that exchange transaction charge is 0.05 for particular brokers and make sure brokers are not increasing and transparent ? Is there any one regulating this ?

All these will be checked during the multiple inspections done by regulators, same way they found karvy scam. All these are online and leaves a digital foot print so if anything wrong is there they will come out eventually.

ok nice to know