Where do i can Find the list of Stocks those are available @ Zerodha for Short Selling?

You can short sell any script in futures, no need of any list from zerodha side

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Nishant appreciated but i want a list of stocks available in cash for short selling.

U can short any stock in equity u want to short but remember u will have to use intraday MIS product and will have to square off ur position till 3:15 pm

Thanks Nishant…!

Hi Nishant,
I am new to zerodha trading. I find this contradictory as I read here (http://tradingqna.com/33473/can-i-short-in-equity-cash-segment-for-intraday?show=33473#q33473) that we can short in cash (intraday) only these stock mentioned at the URL - “https://zerodha.com/margin-calculator/Equity/”. Could you please reconfirm that you can short any listed stock in cash on an intraday basis. Thanks.

Hello Trader,
All shares can be Short Sold under Intraday cash, except the ones categorised as “Trade 2 Trade Scrips” .
The margin calculator on the above link shows a list of stocks on which the leverage facility is available for intraday trading.
All shares under BE series on NSE and all shares under T series on BSE are Trade 2 Trade Scrips.
These shares cannot be short sold.
Thers is no full list , you can check them on Pi under NSE menu > BE and under BSE menu > T.
Hope this clarifies it all.

That is an extremely helpful response. Thanks a lot.
I use Mac Book Pro and use Kite as it is light and easy to use and hence not aware of pi.
One last thing for the clarification.
1] Let us say I come to know of a company results to be really bad and want to short that stock. Please note that I do not have shares of this company in my demat account and I came to know of this company only today. Can I short this stock which is not in T2T even though I do not have any shares of this company in my demat account? I will ensure to buy back on the same day before 3:15 pm (else auto squared off by zerodha too) so that I do not get into the short delivery issue.
2] In the above scenario can I use CNC? Or using MIS is a must as it is intraday? Or I could use CNC and even then squareoff intraday. What is the implication cost wise or other of using CNC/MIS
3] With no shares of this company in my demat account, this is how I will short the stock. I first sell say 101 shares of company X at say 2000. At the sell window, I choose MIS and indicate the order type as LMT and specify 2000 as my price. Let us say that my stock goes in my desired direction and nose dives. I will now buy 101 shares of company X at 1995. At the buy window, I will again choose MIS and order type as LMT and enter the price as 1995. Now the short selling is complete. Is this procedure correct? I have burnt a lot of cash in losses and hence tread really slow and reconfirm things. Could you kindly guide in this regard.
Thanks a lot once again. Indebted.

Hello Trader,

  1. You can short sell a nonT2T stock on intraday cash, even if you do not have that particular stock in your demat account. Your short sold open position will be squared of manually by you or by The Zerodha RMS Computer (Risk Management System) automatically at 3:20 PM.
    Using the CNC option to BUY first and deciding to SELL it the same day, will incur just the intraday brokerage charges.
  2. If you try short selling using the CNC option on intraday cash, your request will be rejected by the RMS computer, because it will first check your demat account to see if you hold the stock to proceed with the CNC order. To short sell you need to use the MIS option.
  3. You have done it right.
    Assuming you are new to trading; Trade Wisely and remember not to loose all your chips too early.

Thanks. Very kind of you to have responded so very clearly to layman’s understanding. I am very clear how to short sell in the cash market on an intraday basis.

Is it possible to make profits on an intraday short if one has the scrip in holdings ?