Where do I find the haircut list for all equities?


Where can I find the list of approved securities that can be pledged along with the haircut % of them?

@nithin Why Haircut % differ from broker to broker for same security?


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Check the google sheet link in this site…

Check this

You can find this here



There is a minimum that all brokers have to collect. Over and above this, it is based on brokers perception of risk on that security, which might be different across brokers.


@ShubhS9 @siva Where can i find ISIN details on coin?

One request can you not provide link of coin in the “Approved list of Securities at Zerodha.” sheet.

Not possible to see ISIN details, if you want to see ISIN for securities you hold, you can download the list of all your holdings from Console which will include ISIN details.

hey the exchange list of approved securities for pledging has T-bills. is there any reason why you are not allowing T-bills for Pledging

Where I can get historic haircut list for all approved securities ?
@Vij @siva

You could try searching for the circular named “Revised list of Approved Securities and Approved Banks” on the NSE website -

This way you will be able to get the complete list of securities which have been approved for collateral margin in the past. You will have to reference historic VAR values (NSE website) as the haircuts depend on that

Another way could be if one can access the revision history of the Google Sheet maintained by Zerodha but this is not possible as that would require Edit permission for that document.

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Ty for response.

I can’t calculate historical VAR. Without edit permission is there any way to see revision history ?

Can get the list from any other brokers ?

Hey, any idea on whether SDLs are approved for pledging by nse ?
Also, @siva you have allowed all government securities but not t-bills. any particular reason ?

SDLs are not yet approved.

Tbills has very less expiry, so.