Where do I get the latest and LIVE list of all the shariah compliant stocks?

I invest only in the Shariah compliant stocks. I usually refer to MoneyControl website to find which stocks are shariah compliant. I do not see a single place where I can see all the 500 Shariah compliant stocks which are permissible as declared by TASIS.

The point is that Money control and other websites show a small subset of all the permissible stocks - however, I need the complete list of stocks.

Does anyone know where to find the most LIVE and all the Shariah 500 stocks?


You do intraday only?

What’s wrong with non shariah stocks

@maddy_Des I don’t do intraday as such. Do you know how do I get the latest and LIVE shariah 500 stock list?

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@dheeraj Personal choices :grinning: Non-shariah stocks allow any kind of business including pornography, weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, interest based banking etc. Islam doesn’t allow investing in such areas of business. Jains and some other faiths also follow similar rules of business!

Anyways, that’s not the point of discussion for this thread :wink: I need the LIVE list of shariah stocks - do you know that?

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Not even a single cos in sharia index, is actually halaal.
Each one earns from interest, one way or other.


Was interested to know the significance of the shariah indices😃

BTW the link which you have mentioned of niftyindices contains all the stocks, all you have to do is scroll down to sectoral diagram and double click on any of the sectoral components to see the list of stocks, though this doesn’t work on mobile browsers.

@maddy_Des I get that. There is no company which is 100% pure interest free.

@dheeraj this was my assumption also. The diagram doesn’t work on desktop too. The significance is that I wanted to invest in these stocks only.

following is List of stocks in BSETASISSHARIAH50 stocks, will have to check Nifty 500

@dheeraj Man - how and where did you get this?

Trade tiger application from ShareKhan has updated predefined lists.

For Nifty 500 you will have to send mail to NSE since it’s components are not publicly available.

@dheeraj I already sent the email but seems like they’re not interested in responding :sweat_smile:

You are living in your fantasy world but in real life EVERYTHING IN ECONOMY is connected.

@NikhilPatel Can you please share your wisdom? I welcome all criticism and advice. Please help me with your experiences. I’m open to corrections.

it’s no wisdom. it’s a fact. everything is connected so even if you don’t want to be involved in those kind of business you are indirectly involved as part of the economy. but if its makes you feel good then go ahead and do your thing. :sweat_smile:


This website has got the list available https://www.ansaar.in/

here it is from nifty shariah index… May be this will help…

Also note that there is no stocks specifically as shariah compliant, its based on individual perspective.
Then you may need to go in depth to review their entire activities of such companies… Shariah complaint derivative trading is also exits, i hope you are aware.
Also the term Interest will be named as Profit for such purpose, but the concept is same.


Not sure how to get Nifty 500 scrip list without incurring any cost. One can get paying a some fee from TASIS. However, One can get top 10 stocks based on market capitalisation. For this purpose, download Nippon India mutual fund app and check Shariah BeES portfolio (TASIS as NSE follows its forNIFTY50 Shariah Index). On top of that, one can freely get 7 or 8 more scrips (mostly small stocks) from Halal Street case from Smallcase (Thompson Reuters as confirmed by customer care) which are not part of Shariah BeES. More scrips can be gathered from Tatat Ethical Mutual Fund portfolio holdings (TASIS).

You may have noted different sources follow different screening methodology. Two leading sources are TASIS & Thompson Reuters (AAOIFI adherent).

The mentioned website does not mention the screening methodology or its source. How one can rely on it?

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