Where do we get cost price of share in Zerodha


I would like to know where can i fund the cost price of share traded ( cost buy price = (Buy price + Brokerage + other fee)/ qty) through Zerodha?

I used to trade in hdfc sec and one can generate report (Say for 15 days interval) of trade details from their online trading platform. An excel sheet will be generated with all details of individual share (qty, buy/sell price, brokerage and total amount deducted/ credited). So it would be easy for me to calculate a single share buy/ cost price.

I have a habit of entering all my trade details in moneycontrol.com and monitor from that. So i would be needing an easy solution to calculate the cost price of shares traded through zerodha?

It is practically impossible to read individual trade details and calculate using contract note. Also i do not see any option available in back office to retrieve this. Back office only gives you qty + actual price. It doesn't give brokerage, other fee or cost price.

Can someone help where can i find the cost price in zerodha? Or if anyone has any kind of excel sheet which would give Zerodha pricing details if I enter qty n buy price.

I believe I may not be the only one who would need to know the cost price in order to better calculate the returns.