Where do zerodha get NSE tick data


Seems like zerodha not listed here - https://www.nseindia.com/content/press/List_data_Vendors.pdf , does zerodha use any 3rd party ?


Data vendors offer tick feed for advanced traders, they are not brokers. Even then, the feed that zerodha gets is not accurate enough. When I check the real tick charts and compare them with zerodha’s there is a lag which affects your trades.


Which data vendors did you check , their ticks is faster than zerodha ? I saw zerodha is faster than any other brokers.


You got to be kidding me. I get my feed from TrueData, setting up their software can be frustrating but the feed is better than any other broker. Real tick feed consists of every trade that takes place, this way you can calculate the delta of the trend.


How much tick do you get per second in truedata ? For example for nifty spot ?

So you telling me you get nifty LTP faster than zerodha ?


So you telling me you get nifty LTP faster than zerodha ?

yes dude, I’ve complained to zerodha about this but they deleted my thread. I get it these people are here to churn profit of your hardwork but I would have expected them to be open about it. Here is the proof

Trading View vs Zerodha

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I have compared tradingview with zerodha , zerodha is faster , when tested in nifty index.


I believe you get the info about every transaction that took place. But personally I use compression and split the trades by 200 per bar.


have you tried globaldatafeeds ? truedata is better than globaldatafeeds?


I don’t know. I use truedata because that’s what i am used to. But globaldatafeeds could be better, why not give it a shot.

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From what I understand the list is only of the vendors who have been authorized to sell the data feeds(which they receive from the exchange) to others and since Zerodha does not sell the data it receives to any third part it is not in the list. I also couldn’t see HDFC or ICICI bank in the list because they also do not sell the data to any other party or retailers for instance.

As for where does Zerodha get its data? I think it would be the exchanges itself.


Brokers get from exchange itself.