Where do zerodha get websocket streams from?


Hey @nithin , @siva I see zerodha use thomsonreuters and I see thomsonreuters is subscribed to real time data feeds.

Does zerodha use ticks (websocket) provided by thomsonreuters or ticks by exchange feed

And whether zerodha ticks is slower than vendors like truedata or they provide same speed , if there is difference , please tell by how much microseconds…

can you guys provide direct live stream of ticks to me ? something like COLO (Around 50 symbols) So what will be the price per year.


We use exchange feed.

Should be faster than them.

We are working on something similar, wait for couple more weeks.

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That is awesome , is that available something public like kite api, sentinal or private ? what will be the average cost ?


Please wait for couple more weeks, will release all the details then.