Where do Zerodha products perform best?


So, I’m going to replace my old devices (mobile + laptop) with new tech available right now in the market. Words like ancient, antique etc. can be used to describe the devices I curently do trading on. Please tell me, which platform provides the best performance for Zerodha products?

  1. Mobile- Android or ios?

  2. Laptop- Windows or ios?

Please answer only if you have ample experience on working with Android, Windows & ios.


Windows on Laptop would be good.


Mobile - Android : Zerodha Kite

Laptop - Windows/Linux : Zerodha Kite

With the latest tech available this would work nicely.

As Pi is not being developed or supported anymore so you would be better sticking to Kite.

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If you’re talking about kite on a laptop, I’m not sure windows or macOs will matter, has more to do with the browser I’m guessing.

Kite in Android is so-so.

No idea about Pi performance on these platforms.

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KITE works best on Chrome . It also has Kite Extension which works fine as well.

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Pi is nameki vaste platform. It is not user friendly and further 8t is slow. Every time we have to make tech analysis afresh.

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Can you explain this a bit more about Pi? Does it lag? Is it not real-time? Are there any issues encountered while using Pi as I was thinking about using it in the immediate future?

In zerodha pi platform , if you open the chart and apply tech analysis for a scrip, it applies only for that scrip. If open chart for another scrip, again you have to apply for that scrip. Whereas in kite, it applies commonly to all charts. It will go like that in other areas to. If you open 5 min chart for 5 days, difficult to find where it starts? If we move the chart, it will not move so easily. Cross hair another problem, to find the price and date.

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Yes its Realtime and desktop only platform. But the thing is that it’s not supported anymore. So you won’t get any new features or important fixes.

There are a lot of critical issues with Pi the last time I checked. The issue start with the login username /password dialog itself. Many issues and errors are present throughout the platform. And the chart is very archaic not at all modern. There is not much you could do with it. But I liked the marketwatch screen and the fast order execution which is common to all desktop trading platforms anyways.

If you want latest platform and fast smooth experience please stick with Kite.

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I was thinking about using Pi for the purpose of backtesting. Will it do the job?

Why don’t you use Zerodha Streak algo backtesting platform instead https://streak.zerodha.com/dashboard_metrics/

Streak is build from the ground up for Algo backtesting and it does a fine job at it. Also its very easy and intuitive interface makes it readily accessible for anyone.

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There are few indicators( like Vidya) that I want to use which are absent in streak. Hence, I was thinking about Pi.

Well you could try using the Backtesting feature on Pi and see for yourself. Personally i prefer Streak for all Backtesting stuffs.

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I use to Pi to place orders and kite for charts in as many tabs I need on Chrome in Windows…

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