Where does Valueresearchonline get its MF data from?

Where does valueresearchonline.com get its Mutual Fund data from?


  1. Updated Category performances

  2. Updated portfolio of all Mutual Funds.

Is there an API for such anywhere?

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If I’m not wrong, VR sells data. There are other MF data providers like Morningstar, CRISIL, Accord, Dion, Ace MF etc. But to answer your question, the source data is disclosures from the AMCs. These guys aggregate the data and sell it.


https://www.amfiindia.com/ also provides MF data. The best source always is from the AMC website of respective company.

Doesn’t seem like they provide api

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@VijayNair , not sure if Valueresearchonline uses them or not, but they do have very good research database regarding Mutual Funds -

Products intended for Mutual Funds / AMC

Our financial products of Equity and Mutual Fund applications help the Mutual Funds / Asset Management companies to carry out the desire research and helps to take right business decisions.

There are few other such companies as well, which provide the database necessary for doing such research work.


Thankyou @4autotrading
This looks the most sorted.