Where I can find list of all stocks and their valuation, profitability etc. ratios values?

Is there any place or portal from where I can get stock valuation, profitability, balance sheet, bankruptcy, cash flow etc. ratios and their values of ALL stocks in NSE/BSE?

Check out screener.in or ratestar.in

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In screener.in and in ratestar.in we can search one stock at a time to my knowledge. Where as I am looking to get e.g. ROE, for all stocks at a time?

You can run queries and fetch it I guess.

I think that may be the only workaround I can think off, but I was looking to get for all stocks (just like IT professionals get all records from application or backend, e.g. SELECT * FROM fetches all records)

I think there should be some or other way to query stock more details or run reports for fundamental analysis.

hello trader,

Fundamental data regarding public companies on public domains (except on NSE) are mostly inaccurate. These data are data mined in large quantities and not the right figures where you can trust to make a trading decision.

Is there any way I can get stocks data from NSE and optionally from BSE as well for fundamental analysis for short to long term investment. Thanks

NSE has a corporate database, check this - https://www.nseindia.com/corporates/corporateHome.html?id=shldinfo_annual_reports&radio_btn=company&param=INFY

Hi Karthik sir, how about this site… its give financial health of the multiples company in one page… can we trust these numbers and how can one authenticate it?