Where is BO/CO Margin Calculator?

Hi. For the past couple of weeks, the Zerodha BO/CO page has simply vanished. There has been no official word about its absence.

I do intraday equity trading, and use mostly cover orders. Not having a CO margin calculator is making things very difficult for me. I just don’t understand the manual Var+ELM calculation, and I’m sure many non-mathematical traders are in the same boat.

Kindly let us know exactly when the BO/CO margin calculator will be back.

SUGGESTION: when we make a buy/sell order on the chart, it would be great if typing our amount in the field would automatically fill the number of shares we can buy with it (through CO, or through BO, or through MIS, etc). Then there will be no need for a separate margin calculator page.

Hi @Nithin, @siva @ShubhS9

Bumping this thread up again. I remember margin calculator used to have calculate option even for Equity (MIS/CO/BO orders ) segments earlier and it was very useful for position sizing based on capital present .Now all I could see is Margin % and leverage and dont know why it is removed. Request you please bring this back atleast

You can check margin required on order window page itself now.