Where is retracement edit setting and fibonacci extension tool in pi?

Retracement edit settings and fibonacci extension tools, One of the most basic features of any tecnical analysis software. but i cant find both in pi. you guys given so many retracement in kite but missed many important like 1.212 and 1.414 and not any edit setting in kite also.

I think zerodha is already working on it. but if not please.


Retracement edit settings and fibonacci extension tools are not available as of now in pi , you can send email to [email protected] as feedback to add.

I am influenced that the Fibonacci tools are your frame in trading. You have to search out to know them and utilize them well to be doing well. It does not matter if you trade stocks, Forex or bonds. You will find the Fibonacci ratios there.

I focus mainly on the Fibonacci retracement and extension for getting levels in forex and I will show you how to enter and exit the trade at best moments. There is also a chapter about money management. It is also a very important part of trading.

Fibonacci retracements are an enormous tool, but there is no 100% accuracy. Sometimes the price closes next to the retracement level and it can be still a suitable move.

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Hope u are getting profit from fibonacci retracement.