Where is the option to unsubscribe the Sentinel Service?

I can not create alerts for Nifty options, hence its not useful for me. So I want to unsubscribe it, I may just forget to unsubscribe later and you guys will keep on charging for the service which is free in most of the brokerage firms.

You can create alerts for any security that trades on the exchange. If you want to create an alert for a options contract of Nifty, just type"Nifty" and the “Strike” and you will see a list of contracts, similar to the way yous search on Kite.


Okay, I tried it but it doesnt work on options, can create alert for stocks. Anyway, how can I unsubscribe it?

Can you let me know the exacts steps when you are trying to create an alert?

The pro plan will be free until June 30th and you will automatically be downgraded to Sentinel Basic which is feee.