Where is this Nifty50 futures traded?

Where is this Nifty50 futures traded? How can one trade this future if it is at all possible because I was under the impression that FNO market closes after 3.30 pm IST ? Also is this the same N50 fut that we trade in Indian market? Can we accurately say that this futures value will impact the spot value or the other way around?

Sorry for too many noob questions.

It is traded in Singaporean Exchange (maybe elsewhere too).
So even when Indian markets are closed, Singaporean markets are open.
Yes, SGX Nifty does have an impact on the “opening” spot price of Nifty.

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Nifty index future traded in Singapore ex …sgx nifty which open till 11 pm and our bluechip stocks future like infy rel tcs ets are traded in UK and US that are ADR and GDR …
Sgx nifty decide the opening move of our index.

From this month or next in sgx our all the stocks in nifty will be trade there , which is beneficial for us to track all the stocks and their move …

But then our nifty will face a competition with sgx over Fno so we can expect out nifty have to extend trading hour like mcx till 11 …

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Currently sgx nifty is up so we can expect a gap up.

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Yes . and if closed above 10650 then we can expect correction in short term is over and consolidation phase of 700 to 850 in Feb series .
If RBI doesn’t spoil the game…

ya may be