Where should I park liquid money in my Zerodha account - liquidbees or liquid funds via MF? Can someone put some numbers for this and explain the mechanics

There is another similar question but the example/answer is not illustrative.

Liquid Bees comes under the category of liquid funds too. The difference between liquid bees and the liquid funds offered on our MF platform is that the former is a close-ended fund which is listed on the exchange and becomes an  Exchange Traded Fund. The latter are open-ended funds and are not listed on the exchange.

If you wish to invest in open-ended scheme then the NAV price at which you purchase depends upon the composition of the portfolio of the scheme. If you wish to invest in a ETF, then the price is determined by the market participants. 

If you are investing in liquid bees, the price never changes and the fund releases dividends on a daily basis. These dividends a re always re-invested and is credited to your demat account once in a month. In the case of liquid funds, you have option to either invest in a growth or dividend scheme. Again in a dividend scheme you have option to select if you want the dividends to be reinvested or paid out to your bank account. You also have the option to select daily/weekly/monthly dividend scheme. 

Generally, liquid funds have given better returns for a period of one year than liquid bees (1 year returns is ideally considered when comparing liquid funds). 

If you wish to compare the returns for different liquid funds you can click on this link

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