Where to check Sovereign Gold Bond allocated units

I recently bought gold as part of Sovereign Gold Bond scheme during December, 2018 period. The amount was deducted from the account and transaction completed (per a mail received). But now where can i check the allocated units? I do not see the units in my demat account, where my shares and MFs are listed

Kite, once the bond is listed

  • Usually how long after the actual purchase does that happen?

  • Also, in the FAQ for the SGB, they mentioned the units are credited in demat form, then ideally i should be able them in my Zerodha demat account as well. Please correct if this understanding is wrong.

Check the RBI site for the circular. Can take up to 15 days

Correct, but unless the bond it is listed it won’t show up in Kite holdings.

Did you find the answer? I am also facing the same and looking for an answer. Please post if you know where to check for the gold bond holding.